A Life Changing Journey is Beginning.

Transform Your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Capabilities with The BIGGER BETTER BOLDER Mastermind.

Inspiring lessons. Proven success. Life-changing results.

Transform Your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Capabilities with The BIGGER BETTER BOLDER Mastermind.
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A seven letter word with a million different meanings.
When we hear the word success, we often think of Hollywood celebrities, Olympic athletes, blockbuster recording artists, or millionaire CEOs.

Others have a simpler definition of success: good health. Financial abundance. Strong relationships. A loving, supportive community of family and friends.

Whatever your definition is for that seven letter word, there’s thousands of people living it. People just like you.

The only difference? All those people living their dream life and enjoying financial, spiritual, and psychological success chose to make a change. They took a leap to become bigger, better and bolder.

Are you ready to take that leap yourself?

You are fully capable of living out every dream you have, and enjoying the success you know you deserve. It all starts here
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Bigger Better Bolder Mastermind

This is the step-by-step blueprint to living a rich, successful life. In the mastermind, you’ll learn from amazing coaches and mentors about how to manifest your dreams and optimize your health, finances, relationships, and more. And you’ll do it all in a loving, supportive community of like-minded go-getters.
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What would joining look like for you?

Our mastermind members get to join Jennifer and her team on retreats that provide life-changing experiences for the mind, body, and spirit.
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mastermind founder

Jennifer Cohen is a 3X Best-selling author, host of the top 15 business podcast “Habits & Hustle”, and TED Speaker. She was recently named “100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness” by Greatist and is currently ranked #16 “Most Impactful Fitness Entrepreneurs” by Web MD. World-class brands including Weight Watchers, Muscle Milk, KIND Bar, Tonal Gym, LOEWS Hotels, and Tru Niagen proudly partner with Jennifer.
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Gain Exclusive Access To:

Quarterly In-Person Events
Monthly Calls W/Celebrity Experts
Monthly Calls W/Jennifer Cohen on Optimizing your health/life
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Your Ultimate Success Shortcut

In the BIGGER BETTER BOLDER Mastermind, you can manifest your dreams, grow your wealth, improve your health, and make life-changing progress in months or even weeks.


It comes down to a simple fact proven by social psychology research. As humans, we are programmed to be influenced by our environment and peers in order to survive. WHO you choose to surround yourself with not only affects your level of success — it DEFINES it.

That's Why

we’ve carefully picked mentors and teachers who EMBODY success. When you surround yourself with them, you’ll manifest your own success and reach your goals faster than ever.
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Join our family

The BIGGER BETTER BOLDER Mastermind group is more than a group — it’s a family. We’re learning and growing smarter, stronger and richer everyday… and we’re inspiring each other to do the same.

What will you learn?

Whatever your definition of success, you’ll find it here. Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the Mastermind:

How to Increase Your Longevity

Longevity means living and aging with grace and happiness. The more healthy years we have, the more we can grow, change, and improve the world with our unique gifts. It also means more time with the ones we love — which is the most important thing.

Use Biohacking to Transform Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

With a few simple changes and “hacks”, you can transform and optimize your body, mind and spirit completely naturally. In the Mastermind, we’ll walk you through exactly what you can do to biohack your way to never-before-seen success.

The Keys to Optimizing Your Physical Health

Health is our greatest asset, and it’s essential to do everything we can to optimize it. In the Mastermind, you’ll learn from fitness and diet experts about simple, effective ways to improve your health and thrive everyday.

How to Maintain a Healthy Mental State

Through the twists and turns of life, it can be hard to keep your mental health in check. When you join this Mastermind, you can leave those struggles behind. You’ll learn how to keep a level head and endure whatever life throws at you with grace and gratitude.

Heal and Recover Faster and More Efficiently

What if you could heal, rest and recover faster and more efficiently? How would your mood, motivation, and energy levels change? Learn from our experts about how you can heal easer and live a more active, fulfilling, energetic life.

It doesn't stop there...

Outside of health, you’ll learn about how to live a rich life in every way possible. After all, true wealth isn’t just about money: it’s about loving relationships, meaningful work, endless growth and progress, and a strong support stystem to lift you up and share the journey with you.

Access the World's experts

By surrounding yourself with PROVEN successes, you allow yourself to be influenced FOR THE BETTER. Bridge the gap between yourself and the best of the best. The BIGGER BETTER BOLDER Mastermind puts you and your like-minded peers directly in touch with notable achievers, thought leaders, and celebrities. Put yourself in rooms with those who inspire, and achieve all you desire!
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