No Gym, No Problem

If you don’t have time to hit the gym, that’s no longer an excuse. Celebrity fitness trainer Jennifer Cohen (who has worked with Keanu Reeves) and creator of “No Gym Required” stopped by “Summer Shape Up” to share the secrets to getting fit without ever going to the gym. Jennifer is also the fitness spokesperson for Weight Watchers and she even created their “Points/Activities Plus Fitness Series” DVD. She believes that if you only have a few minutes throughout the day at home, the grocery store, or even at the office there’s easy ways to build lean muscle and burn fat. Try a few of these “No Gym Required” exercises to start getting in shape.
Prisoner Squat with Twist- Deep squat past your knees while your hands are laced behind your head. As you come back up to starting position you twist your knee to your opposite elbow. This requires no equipment and tones your thighs, abs, and glutes.
Lateral Lunge to Half X- Lunge to one side and push your hips back. As you come back to starting position you lift your opposite arm over your head until you’re in a half an X shape! This is a great full body move that works your glutes, legs, core, and abs. Do 15 reps on each side three times.
Leaning over Shoulder Raise- Starting position is on your knees, lean to the side and raise your weight or water bottle up to shoulder level. This move works your entire core, obliques, and shoulders.
Lunge with Wood Chop- While lunging forward holding a weight or a water bottle on one shoulder. As you lunge forward you swing weight diagonally over to one side. It’s perfect for strength and cardio fitness. Do one set of 15 then change sides.
Jennifer takes the “anytime, anywhere, no excuses” approach to getting and staying in shape. To learn more about “No Gym Required” go to and follow her on twitter @therealjencohen.