Work With Jennifer

Strategic Consultant 

I work directly with CEOs, owners, founders, and managers to create and execute a strategy that improves operations, profitability, communication, management, structure, strategy, scalability and designation.

I also work with employees to make these changes effortless and make sure all parts move smoothly and successfully.

I partner with companies like yours to discover the missing pieces to their success – to then build a sustainable structure that supports the new changes. 

Performance Coaching

I work with individuals and small groups that wants a competitive advantage over everyone else in their field.

I deliver tangible results and help you break through individualized patterns that are limiting you and holding you back from the success you can and will achieve with my Performance Coaching.

Corporate Wellness

I work with companies who want to excel in areas of health, fitness and nutrition to maximize productivity and performance. Very few companies achieve this elite level of wellness which allows them to perform on an incomparable level.

My services include managing and maximizing productivity, stress, energy, focus, overall health including but not limited to diet and fitness.

I also do group work surrounding ideas of increasing communication, motivation, concentration, and goal setting to get immediate change that results in massive action towards benchmark goals.

My Goal

My goal is to transform your business and ignite fire in your company to deliver straight forward, tangible and desired results. I pride myself in my ability to be a catalyst for change in your business’ success by redesigning and optimizing it for outstanding results. I do not believe in average. In the process, I enjoy producing immediate change that eventually creates an incomparable competitive advantage against your competition! 

What are you waiting for? Lets get to work!  


Speaking Enguagments

I am currently booking speaking engagements for both small and large groups. I bring a savvy straight talking approach to the business world with my “no excuse” attitude and results driven persona. Let me ignite your stage and company on fire!


I have had the pleasure to work with brands like Weight Watchers, KIND Bars, Muscle Milk and more! I am always interested in partnering up with cutting edge brands that are making a difference in the world today!

Business Building Event

Let me dive into a full day in your office to flip the script and challenge your management and team to think outside of the box to resolve issues, work congruently and take massive action to achieve quarterly and yearly goals!


“I pride myself in the quality of services I provide and the immense value I bring to an individual, a company and any and all employees. I am flattered you are interested in working with me! See what some of my amazing clients have said about their experiences thus far!”

– Jennifer Cohen

Testimonials Coming Soon!