Gadget Alert: Motoactv by Motorola

Since my whole philosophy is that you don’t need a gym to stay fit, people often ask me what equipment I like to use at home. I like devices that keep you motivated, and that’s why I really like the Motoactv by Motorola. It’s a lightweight music player and GPS fitness performance tracker in one device, and it records your progress while you jam out.

My model holds up to 8 gigs of music (there’s also a 16gb model available) and it was really easy to add songs from my computer. I synced the Motoractv with my PC, loaded it up with my favorite Gaga remixes and headed out for a test drive – I mean, test run!  Motoactv has a touch screen and physical buttons that can start your workout and start the music. I really like this, because you can skip or repeat songs without stopping your run to look at the screen. Motoactv even tracks what songs you perform best to – how cool is that! I’ve always said music is a great motivator, now I have hard data to prove it.

Motoactv with Arm Band

Another great thing about the Motoactv is that it’s sweat-resistant and water-resistant. So, a big advantage the Motoactv has over the iPod or a smart phone is that you can take the Motoactv for a run in light rain, or work up a sweat, and still not worry about water damage.

The Motoactv also has a built-in GPS to track of where you’ve been, and what trails work you the hardest. You can also sync it to the cloud on and get detailed info on your workouts.

You can also set goals, and compete with your friends on the Motoactv portal on I always recommend journaling and teaming up with friends to reach your fitness goals, and the Motoactv makes this a little bit easier. It’s a great tool to keep track of your fitness performance and keep you motivated with all your favorite music. The Motoactv is definitely one of the fitness gadgets I’ll be using is 2012.