Driscolls: 5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Metabolism in 2013

A new year a new you, right?? New Years is a great starting point, but never forget that resolutions are great only when we stick to them.   Yesterday, I held a Twitter Chat with Driscolls to discuss my article about Jumpstarting your Metabolism in 2013. Me and a ton of fitness fans went over all of my tips from my article,  “5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Metabolism in 2013,” and I even got the opportunity to give away copies of my book and Driscolls berry coupons!

Berries are essential to a well-rounded diet. They’re low calorie, loaded w/ vitamin c, fiber, calcium & potassium. They can help your weight-reducing hormones work properly and slow down digestion. Driscoll’s has a great recipe for Strawberry Cucumber Basil Water, pictured above, which is a fantastic bubbly, sweet and spicy alternative to soda.

As for jumpstarting your metabolism, something to think about that may be new for you in 2013 is to make sure you’re eating frequently. It may seem strange for dieters, but by having small, nutritious meals throughout the day instead of 3 large means will do a HUGE favor to your metabolism. When you eat a lot of food at once, even if it’s the same caloric amount as your smaller meals, your body processes it differently. Eating smaller meals will also keep your energy up throughout the day.

Want to know 4 more ways to jumpstart your metabolism? Check out Driscolls.com for my article, and let me know what you think!