7 Ways To Stay Fit On The Campaign Trail

Photo via theblaze.com

I try and keep politics out of my work – unless that work IS the politicians! My latest article for Forbes has tips for everyone, from the voters to the President. Read the full article, “7 Ways to Stay Fit on the Campaign Trail” on Forbes.com

Fun Facts on Campaign Fitness:

Mitt Romney has been known to jog, take the skin off of KFC chicken, and the cheese off of pizza. He sells refillable water bottles on his campaign store. It’s also been reported that he runs 3 miles a day, wherever he is – talk about anytime, anywhere, no excuses!

President Obama plays basketball often, snacks on cut veggies on white house plates, and keeps a fruit basket on hand on Air Force One. Also, his First Lady is an avid proponent of nutrition (and must do some killer arm exercises!)

With the stresses of Election Day right around the corner, can they keep up these healthy habits? Definitely! In fact, adding to their health and fitness routines can raise their energy levels, keep their minds sharp and focused and their eyes on the prize. Check out my 7 Ways to Stay Fit on the Campaign Trail and see how your favorite candidate measures up!