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4-3-2-1 workout

4321 strong is the new skinny

4321 Workout

4321 has a deceptively simple concept that is incredibly unique in the group fitness environment. Not only is 4321 the most systematic, science-based program/class out on the market, it is also the most time efficient. Research points to the fact that people want workouts that are 30 minutes or less and, as we often hear from new participants, “I can do anything for 30 minutes.”

4321 is programmed and planned to be the most effective and efficient group workout program in the market place. It truly hits the spot, maximizing the “peaks and valleys” structure you are promised with proper HIIT training. Many people throw around the word HIIT training, but 4321 offers it precisely and potently. Those who wear their heart monitor see the difference, those who don’t feel it.


Because your workout doesn’t have to make you late for your meeting

Because it’s the quality, not the quantity, that breeds results

Because you have 28 minutes a day for YOU.

Because if any one of your other issues could be fixed in 28 minutes a day, you’d line up around the block to do it.

Because you’ve already sat for 8 hours, how about moving for 28 minutes

4-3-2-1 workout

4321 strong is the new skinny